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Orlin Hacmon was born in Ramat Gan, Israel.

She discovered her love for music at a very young age and knew that music would ultimately end up becoming her world.

She has written and composed several songs.

At the age of 19, the Reuveni Brothers (Ahim Reuveni), managers of such legendary Mizrachi music artists in Israel, Zohar Argov, Shimi Tavori, Haim Moshe, Ahuva Ozery etc.,heard Orlin sing and immediately signed her on for what was to be her first single. The collaboration on the single, written by Orlin, didn't work out as she had hoped and envisioned and they ended their professional ties. They remain close friends.

Orlin began to study dance at the age of 5 and continued to for 12 years. She explored many different forms of dancing styles such as ballet, jazz, hip hop and even strip dancing which led her to be cast as the lead singer of the "Coyote Ugly Show" in Israel . This show was produced by some of the biggest names in Israeli entertainment such as Asaf Wiener, Meital Azulay, Asaf Dotan, and Meirav Isaaki. During that time, she started performing in many well known clubs in Israel and became exposed to many people from the music industry and began developing her own fan base. Slowly, people started knowing her name.

Orlin performed consistently for 2 years in the Tel- Aviv night club,"Stage", a club mainly catering to celebrities. There, she made many good connections in the music/entertainment industry and soon became one of the biggest stars of the place.

Prior to her big success in the music industry, Orlin took vocal lessons with Keren Peles.

She also took lessons in music production to attain the knowledge she wanted.

In 2007, she wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer and began building a career in New York. .

When she arrived there, she became inspired to try a different style of music that had never been attempted, a combination of Middle Eastern and R&B/Pop, in English.

After meeting some people from the music industry there, she began working on her album in New York.

During 2008-2009 , Orlin returned to Israel for a visit and collaborated with TACT Records' (by Subliminal) Shi 360 and participated in 3 songs from his album "Everybody Wants The Truth".She also collaborated with E.M.T Records' Yamanz on their new album.

Orlin then decided to form a live band and they started performing her music together.

News of Orlin's upcoming album in the making (had the media battling it out to get a glimpse ).

Before she even released a first single, she was invited to perform at the television show Aulpan Shakuf with Haim Revivo and Lior Narkis on Channel 24(Israel's primary music channel) and again with artists Idan Yaniv and Regev Hod. .

She performed at events such as Simply U 2009 by Adi Barkan and Alon Gal, Miss Glamorous 2009, City of music Tel -Aviv 2009, etc.

In 2010, Orlin returned to New York.

She auditioned for a Broadway show by Divas Beyond Belief ,LLC and was cast to perform her own music.

She performed with Shlomi Shabat during his USA tour in New York at the Millennium Theatre.

She released a Remixed version to her song "Flow" by N-H project in Israel and New york.

She's currently performing at many various events in the New York City area.

She's also working to finally complete and release her long awaited, debut album.

Orlin Hacmon Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Music artist For Booking Call - 3474600228

Orlin Hacmon

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